Poetry Corner – Imagine…

Picture from google.com

Imagine a world where equality exists,
Imagine a world where murder was a myth.

Imagine a world where skin colour didn’t matter,

Imagine a world where privilege was just a word used for banter.

Picture a world where we didn’t have to fight,

Every single day just for our basic rights.

Our rights to walk down the street and not be accused,

Our right to not be sentenced without a dispute,

Our rights to not be judged because of where we are from,

What we believe in,

How we speak and what we do for a living.

Imagine a world without any labels,

Where everyone felt like a friendly neighbour.

Imagine the world 100years from now,

In history books all of this will be written down.

Imagine future generations reading it and wondering:

Did human lives really mean nothing?


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