Your Time Will Come – Poetry Corner

You might look weak,

You might be small,

But the strength within you,

The strength within you is mightier than you’ll ever know.

You might feel invisible,

You might feel unheard,

But the soldier in your heart is stronger than a thousand men.

You might have been overlooked,

You might have been ignored,

But don’t you worry your time will come.

And when your time comes,

Everyone will know,

It was a mistake to let you go.

It was a mistake to ignore your words.

A mistake they will come to realise

Once you flourish and open their eyes.

Once you show the world who you truly are,

Once you let that soldier shine through your heart.

So my dear, when they tell you that you can’t,

Smile, hold your head high and know:

Your time will come.

This poem is dedicated to every single one of you, who is doubting themselves, who is being brought down by this cruel world. Don’t give up. This is for you.


8 thoughts on “Your Time Will Come – Poetry Corner

  1. I think you already know just how much I love this, but I’ll say it here too: This, at this moment in time, is needed. It is beautiful to read, see, feel, and I thank you for it.

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