Racism in Saudi Arabia?

Umm Maryam's Corner


Shortly after arriving in Saudi, I soon began to realise a deeply-rooted problem within the local culture – racism. Although racism exists pretty much all over the world, I had the impression that it would be different here because of Islam. In Islam, racism does not exist as the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) do not dictate a preference of colour of skin or nationality. Instead, a person may only be considered better than another person through his/her taqwa (piety or God consciousness).

From what I have witnessed, some Saudis demonstrate racism towards the foreign workers that come over from places like Pakistan, Bangladesh and even more-so from Africa. You see this in their treatment of these workers and the unfair system that has been set up to favour Saudis above non-Saudis. For example, as these foreign workers arrive their passports are taken from them and given…

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